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The ink monster's footsteps were heavy on the wooden floor, the horrid creature leaving a trail of ink behind him. There was a certain goal in his mind. He had to find her, he had to be sure she was ok. 




He reeled his head back and let a screech, his screech tearing through the studio.



Barbi ran down the hall, her sneakers slamming harshly beneath her. She didn't know what was happening. First, she found Boris, Alice is gone, and now she couldn't find Bendy. Where the hell was he?! If he was playing hide and seek, she wasn't going to be happy...!


Suddenly, she stopped. Barbi turned her head to the scream, her heart suddenly stopping. That scream... It was Bendy! She turned sharply and headed towards the direction of the scream, that being back the way she came. 

"BENDY?!" She called out, her head whipping around in pure distress. "BENDY, SWEETHEART?!"


Barbi followed the screams, pushing deeper and deeper into the studio. She kept calling for him, straining herself further and further towards the screams of her mate. 

"BENDY!!!" She cried out one final time and turned the corner, her sneakers screeching against the wooden floor. She noticed the familiar pointy horns but her stomach dropped when she noticed how... deformed this creature was. She took a step forward. "...Bendy..?"

The being shriveled it's head towards her, the upper part of its face completely melted away, leaving only its mouth intact. Jet black ink dripped from its body and she took note of the familiar bow that slowly slid from its neck. 

Barbi's eyes widened. "B-Bendy...?"

Bendy shriveled away from her, covering his face with his hands, a small whimper escaping him. She couldn't make out what he was trying to say, as whenever he tried to speak, it was only garbled. Barbi took another step towards him.

"Bendy... It's okay... It's me, Barbi..." She said, her voice a familiar calm. "What happened honey...?"

She reached out towards him, not flinching as she felt the warm ink come in contact with her skin. She rested her hand on his face and Barbi finally stood in front of him, staring worriedly at his face. "Who did this...?"

Bendy hissed, his mouth trying to form words but nothing came. Barbi could only try to calm him, questioning him gently. "Who did this to you, Bendy...?"

Finally, Bendy managed to say something. "all......allll... alice......"

Barbi blinked in surprise. "Alice...?"

"Alice..... Alice....." He said over and over, his physical state starting to deteriorate and was slipping away into a pool of ink. "Alice.. Alice...."

"What about Alice...?" Barbi. "Bendy...!"

Bendy fell into the pool of ink only to try and form again. He was struggling and it pulled at Barbi's heart to see him in such pain. He only repeated Alice's name. 

"Shh.. Shh... Bendy, I'm here now...." Barbi said softly. "She didn't hurt you.. Did she..?"

Bendy then went silent. He could only stare at her for a moment and lowered his head. Barbi felt a pit form in her stomach. Did.. Alice hurt him? She tried her hardest to not turn and find Alice, to confront her for hurting her Bendy but she stayed in place. This wasn't what Bendy wanted, he hated fighting. Even now, this thing struggling to stand in front of her hates fighting. 

"...Okay... We need to get out of here..." She stated. "Can you stand?"

Bendy nodded slighty and stood slowly, ink slipping loosely down his body and Barbi took note of how... Tall he became. Bendy was towering over him but he could only stand straight for a moment before slouching forward again. Intertwining her hands in his, Barbi led her away towards the more familiar parts of the studio.

"Come on... You need rest..."

What did Alice do to him?
Where's Boris?
Where is everyone?
What was happening. . . ?

a point commission for Ink-Mermaid !!!!
a small and (kinda sweet) reunion with a HINT of alice bullshit! I hope you like it nonetheless and I'm sorry if it seems a bit rushed ;3;

my point coms are open!

point commissions journal: Point Commissions Journal (OPEN)

I also take art trades! if you wish for an art trades, send me a note or comment!
This story was well written. You made sure to add the suspence into the story, making the reader want to continue reading. There were only a few things, very minor stuff, that I would suggest on fixing. At one point you forgot to add said after Barbi. Also, it could of been just me, but with the character's explaining what , I got confused. Maybe word it a little more in detail or make a prolong explaining what happened before hand. Like you could dedicate a while paragraph just to a flash back of what happened before. Also just a thought, maybe you could explain who Barbi is. Like why is she there, did she used to work there or what not.
What do you think?
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Ink-Mermaid Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Student Digital Artist
oh my gosh this is so wonderful??? ahh i love it?? it really sounds like something thatd happen ;0;
thank you so much! you did an amazing job on this!! its so sweet ;0;
Shadow-Bby Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
HHHHH YOUR WELCOME- im so glad you like it!!!! ;w;w;w;w;w;w;/
Ink-Mermaid Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Student Digital Artist
mind if i ever make this a canon story between em?? ill credit u of course!! <33
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